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New News on the Overboost System

Version 1.3.0 is right around the corner and so here is a little more info on the Overboost system which will be coming in this update.

Limit Break was only possible with cards that were 5* rarity. A 5* duplicate of a card would give you 1 Limit Break level, up to a maximum of 5. Overboost will be possible even if the cards are not the same rarity or the same character.

Different cards will boost the Overboost bar by different amounts, once the bar reaches 100% the character will gain 1 Overboost level. Do this 6 times to max a character’s Overboost level.

When comparing a level 60 Limit Break character to the same character with level 6 Ovreboost, the Overboosted character has much higher stats.

Characters that you could not get to level 60 because you did not have the necessary duplicates, will now be able to be max Overboosted. In addition, while the stats of Overboosted characters will be much higher, characters levels will be set back to 50.

Characters who have been Limit Broken will be transferred over to the Overboost system, the character’s progression in the Overboost system will be determined by the amount of Limit Breaks that have taken place on the character.

The Overboost gauge rises by strengthening character cards with the same name and/or the same attribute, this also works for awakening. Not only can character cards be used but also a new item called Boost Drink which will raise the Overboost gauge.

The update is underway and will be coming soon but the content of the update may be subject to change.

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