Version 1.4.0 Info!


Version 1.4.0 has been released!

Version 1.4.0 Update Contents

  1. Changes made for the start of Legend Arena
  2. Added Jump Gold Item
  3. Function Refurbishments
  4. Bug Fixes

Legend Arena

Official Vs. Gamemode release – Legend Arena!

Click here for info on Season 1 of Legend Arena

Compete with “Battle Score” earned by playing against other users during a predetermined period. Your “Battle Score” increases when you win against your opponent and decreases when you lose. Your battle score can change even if your team is challenged by someone else (when someone else picks to fight your team on their game). Your score can go up and down even for battle you don’t actively participate in, if your team is involved in the battle. As such, a strong or potentially unbeatable team composition should be the goal for all users!


Your “Arena Rank” will increase as your “Battle Score” increases. Your final rank at the end of the season will decide what Luxurious rewards you have earned!

The points earned will be affected by the opponents you face:

  • Victory against a person 2 ranks higher than you +22pt
  • Defeat against a person 2 ranks higher than you -18pt
  • Victory against a person 1 rank higher than you +21pt
  • Defeat against a person 1 rank higher than you -19pt
  • Victory against a person the same rank as you +20pt
  • Defeat against a person the same rank as you -20pt
  • Victory against a person 1 rank lower than you +19pt
  • Defeat against a person 1 rank lower than you -21pt
  • Victory against a person 2 ranks lower than you +18pt
  • Defeat against a person 2 ranks lower than you -22pt

The amount of points will increase and decrease further as the rank difference increases!

Arena Points are different from Battle Score. AP cannot go down and you can use AP in the store to purchase items. Arena Points can be traded in for exclusive prizes including the brand new Guaranteed 5★ Gacha Ticket!!!

Arena Points can be redeemed, regardless of the season period.

Arena Rank and Arena Points in Battle Arena will not transfer over to the Legend Arena.


You will be matched against 8 users with a similar rank to you. You can refresh which users you have been matched against every 3 minutes. The list will also be updated if you defeat all 8 users. Defeating all 8 users will give you bonus AP.


Ranks from Battle Arena have not been migrated over to Legend arena however users have been compensated based on their rank:

  • S3 – 600pt
  • S2 – 550pt
  • S1 – 500pt
  • – 450pt
  • A3 – 400pt
  • A2 – 350pt
  • A1 – 300pt
  • A – 250pt
  • B3 ~ B – 200pt
  • C3 ~ C – 150pt
  • D3 ~ D – 100pt
  • R – 100pt

About arena tickets refill

In Legend Arena, unlike Battle Arena, you are able to refill tickets, it will cost you 5 Jump orbs for 10.

About ranks


Your rank at the end of the season will determine what rank you start at next season!

  • Skilled editors and above will be a Medium editor next season
  • New American editor to Medium editor will move down one rank respectively next season
  • Running editor and below will be Apprentice editors next season

About the battle log….

Information on the last 10 challenges against your team will appear in the “Battle Log”. It will be possible to “Counter Attack” people who have challenged you. Winning a “Counter Attack” will give you a “Counter Attack Success Bonus” on top of the standard points you will earn.


Function Refurbishment

  • The Vs. Battle game mode can now be accessed from the footer
  • Changes to end of battle screen
  • Footer has been rearranged to fit Vs. Battle in
  • App icon has been changed (back)
  • Orbs purchase screen when there is a sale on has been changed
  • 5* Fixed gacha has been added (this is separate from other gacha and as such the tickets cannot be used by other banners)
  • Option to not collect materials from the gift box when collecting all
  • Tips section has been updated

1.4.0 Known Bugs

  • When using a Gold UP item, the number may sometimes fail to reflect the number actually owned. This should be fixed by going back to the title screen. As compensation everyone will receive x5 Gold UP items
  • Stamina recovery Dialogue is not worded correctly. This will be fixed
  • The refresh time for available opponents in the Arena sometimes fails to be displayed correctly. This should be fixed by going back to the title screen.
  • When you press the back button on the character detail screen it sometimes rarely won’t work.
  • Multiple GUI issues relating to Legend Arena
  • Option to collect everything except material cards will sometimes still include special evolvers

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issues with Mitsui’s Skills
  • Issue relating to Momo’s rarity being displayed wrong
  • Dumbbells in the Powerup Gacha caused issues with boost gauge displaying correctly
  • Follow user button sometimes acted without being clicked
  • Scenes sometimes did not play properly on Android
  • Review pop up screen errors on iOS
  • Issue where sometimes data could not be repaired
  • Various other text fixes

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