Version 1.6.0

Commemoration Campaign


In commemoration of the release of version 1.6.0 there will be rewards distributed.

1000 Memorial Stones will be given per day during the event. You will also receive 25 Jump Orbs for downloading the update during the campaign period.

Campaign Period: 1/19 (After Maintenance) ~ 1/26 03:59

Maintenance Notice

Maintenance will be carried out at the following times:

Maintenance Period: 1/19 12:00 ~ 16:00

Update Contents

  • Option to Skip Opening Video during the Tutorial
  • Changes to the Tutorial Gacha, it has been changed so that certain characters can be selected?
  • How battle works is better described in the tutorial
  • Icon change
  • Changes in multiple places will now allow you to see the Level 1 and Level 10 skills for a character
  • The design of the Gacha Screens will be changed
  • Level 10 Skills will be viewable from the Gacha Screen
  • Gift Receiving options in the gift box will be saved
  • Other Functions Refurbishment

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