Database Version 2.0 Beta

Hey guys

I haven’t had a lot of time on my hands so this has taken a substantial amount longer than I thought it would to get up and running. This build is far from done but I’ve been working on this for a couple of months now and I thought it would be good to get a beta out there and get feedback so people can tell me if there is anything I am missing / haven’t thought of.

For those wondering, yes I know that Level 10 skills are all now available from the character log. I wanted to get this out before I began adding all of those in.

Some of the changes on here are a temporary option that will be improved later.

Below I am going to list the differences between version 1.0 and 2.0, the known issues/bugs and the planned future updates. If there is anything I have missed off the bugs list or the future features list then feel free to leave a comment on this page letting me know! You can also message me on discord or reddit.

Version Differences

  • Live Search is now available, no need to reload the page when using the search bar now
  • Filters have been added and small tweaks were made to sorts
  • Character pages are no longer on separate pages, they appear in a modal pop out
  • Stats are now displayed in a small table on the character page to clear the page up a little
  • Only the highest set of skills in the DB for each character will be shown eg. Tsuna has level 10 skills so his level 1 skills are no longer shown, a character with lvl 1 skills only will show them instead
  • Jump units are linked to their awakened cards
  • Character titles are now displayed on the character list
  • GUI rework
  • Attempted to make Jump units more distinguishable from normal 5★ units
  • Clicking on Class icons or series names will filter by whichever you selected

Known Issues

  • Sorts and Filters are all individual and currently do not stack
  • Character pages cannot be linked to
  • Window resizing issues
  • Image resizing issues
  • Emptying the search bar does not reset the table to default

Planned Future Features

  • Make individual character pages linkable
  • Option to switch between lvl 1 and 10 skills
  • Add lvl 10 skills and skill names for every character
  • Save sort preferences between visits
  • Characteristic filter
  • Leader skill filter
  • Multiple filters / filter & sort work at the same time
  • Change sort by clicking table headings
  • Suggest more in the comments and I will add them

This beta will only work on Desktop not mobile. No plans to bring these changes to mobile any time soon.

Database Version 2.0 Beta Link

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