Jumputi Dictionary [WIP]

This is a work in progress to attempt to put all the terminology from the game together.

Please bear in mind that for many of the translations we do not use the literal translation but the thing that best suits the situation


There are 4 types in this game:

In game they are always referred to by their colour name however the file names in game indicate which elements they represent. The in game references for these types are as follows:

  • 赤 = Red
  • 青 = Blue
  • 緑 = Green
  • 黄 = Yellow

The type advantages and disadvantages are as follows:



There are 5 classes in game, they have no special icons and can only be seen in text on the character profile screen. The translations for these types have been altered to better fit their descriptions:

  • 体カ = Tank
  • 攻撃 = DPS
  • バランス = Balanced
  • 特殊 = Special
  • 回復 = Healer


Each character has 3 keys stats:

In game these are referenced in the following ways:

  • HP = HP
  • 攻撃カ = Attack
  • 回復カ = Recovery


Here are the key currencies/consumables in game and the purpose they serve:

  • Coins – The generic currency of the game, used for actions such as powering up and awakening units
  • Stamina – In order to play a single player mission or host a multiplay you will be required to consume stamina
  • Exchange Tokens – These can be obtained from selling unwanted units, a store will soon be made available where you can trade them in
  • Friend Points – Can be earned from multiplay, missions and SOS, can be used on the Friend Point Gacha
  • Rubies – The premium currency of the game, used for expanding your box, refilling your stamina, unlocking limited stages, reviving your team and summoning on premium gacha banners
  • Emergency Tickets – There are required to call in helpers and make a single player missions into an SOS mission



There are 4 key items in game which can be seen in the image above, these are (in clockwise order):

  • Books – Used to level up characters
  • Jewels – Used to increase the max level cap of a unit’s Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill
  • Jump Souls – Used to awaken unit’s (increase their rarity)
  • Scrolls – Used to increase the level of a unit’s Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill

All these items come in multiple rarities and versions:

  • Books – A set of multiple rarities for each colour
  • Jewels – Available in 3 different varieties, one for Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill respectively
  • Jump Souls – A set of multiple rarities for each colour and a Rainbow version
  • Scrolls – Available in 3 different varieties, one for Ultimate Attack, Buddy Skill or Passive Skill respectively, and 3 different rarities; Small, Medium and Large

How do I get these items?

  • Books drop from almost any stage, if you need specific coloured ones for boosted exp or a lot of high rarity ones then farm the various daily book stages
  • Jewels are very rare items and will only be given out through special stages and events, do not expect to see a lot of them
  • Jump Souls drop from almost any stage, if you need specific colour or rarity ones for awakening specific units then farm the various daily Jump Soul stages
  • Scrolls are quite rare, typically only available from limited missions and stages, like Jewels do not expect to get a lot of these

If I don’t get a lot of Scrolls of Jewels what is the alternative?

  • The only alternative for Jewels if to use duplicates of the unit instead, for farmable units this should not be too much of an issue so save any Jewels you do manage to get for good Gacha units
  • Skill scrolls in general are not necessary, you can farm skill exp from running class events and all Super Class events have a list of units who get x5 Boosted exp from the event so the most efficient way to do it is wait for a stage where the unit you want to level is boosted and farm the stage with them in your team or as a buddy for one of your units


The drops at the end of beating a stage are broken down into 3 categories:

  • ボ一ナス = Bonus
  • ドロップ アイテム = Item Drops
  • 運 ボ一ナス =  Lucky Bonus


Bonus (ボ一ナス ) drops are, from what we can tell, completely random chance to get some drops from the stage on top of your other drops.

Item Drops

These are the items earned from chests that drop on the stage itself


Luck (運) is the fourth stat that each character has. This stat is different to the other 3 so it has its own Dictionary entry. Essentially luck has no effect on gameplay, the only thing Luck has an effect on is whether or not you get Lucky Drops at the end of runs.

Only the Luck of the top team member is taken into account in solo

The amount of Lucky Drops you get is determined by the luck stat in the ways shown below:

  • 1 ~ 49 Luck – Chance of 1 lucky drop
  • 50 Luck – 1 Guaranteed lucky drop
  • 51 ~ 98 Luck – 1 Guaranteed lucky drop + chance of a second
  • 99 Luck – 2 Guaranteed lucky drops

Luck has no influence over Bonus drops or Item drops. Luck only influences the Lucky drops

In multiplayer Luck is counted for the first unit being used by each player so with each player able to earn up to 2 Lucky Drops each with a 99 Luck unit, a total of 8 extra rewards from lucky drops is possible on multiplayer when playing with a 4 person multiplayer team

More coming soon!

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