Newly Held April Character Quests


A new set of character quests will be added to Ore Collection this month! Returning units as well as a brand new unit Sakura Haruno!

Start Dates

  • Joey Wheeler – Yu-Gi-Oh : 04/05
  • Sakura Haruno – Naruto : 04/12
  • Kosaki Onodera – Nisekoi : 04/19
  • Zeno Zoldyck – Hunter X Hunter : 04/26

How to Play


Beat the stages to earn Character Vouchers that can be traded at the General Store for 3★ copies of the corresponding units!

  • Earn the vouchers from beating the stages
  • Trade the vouchers in at the store
  • 50 vouchers per 3★ copy
  • Only the character on the Voucher can be traded for

Special Missions

Special missions will be held to commemorate the release of these stages. Defeating the stages certain numbers of times can earn you Jump Orbs, Character Gacha Tickets, Dumbbells etc.

Special Gacha

A gacha will be held for each of the stages. These gacha will rate up units that have type advantage against the respective stages to make defeating those stages easier.

More character quests will be added at later dates!

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