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Golden Week Celebration


To celebrate the holidays a campaign will be held starting 04/26!

Version Update 1.0.7

Battle Rush Beta

An advanced and challenging gamemode, this new mode will be available in beta for a short time, please take advantage, for helping us test this game mode you will receive Luxurious rewards! Reach the final challenge and be rewarded with a new Legend?!

There are 20 Stages, powerful enemies can be found to challenge. These enemies will change so be prepared.

Outline of event rewards

What is a Skill Jewel?

A Skill Jewel will increase the Max Level limit of a character’s Skill, use these as if they were duplicate characters, save them for your favourite or most powerful units.

Stamina Consumption


Stage drops

Each stage can drop rewards and as before Luck will influence the drops, however, boss characters will not drop

Event Period: 04/26 15:00 ~ 05/07 14:59

Golden Week Login Campaign

Receive 20 Extra Rubies upon login each day. You can receive this gift up to 8 times during this period below!

Campaign Period: 04/27 04:00 ~ 05/08 03:59

Special Missions

Daily Missions

Event Period: 04/27 04:00 ~ 05/08 03:59

Bubble Converter Pickup Gacha

A standard gacha but 5★ units are limited to only units who help with Bubble Conversion, if you are in need then please take advantage of this gacha!

Event Period: 04/26 15:00 ~ 05/07 14:59


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