Version 2.0 News!

Maintenance Times: 06/07 09:00 ~ 12:00

Maintenance Contents:

  • Version 2.0 Release
  • In Game Updates
  • Event Preparation
  • Bug Fixes

All Players will receive 20 Rubies as compensation for the downtime

Legend Summon Update


The long awaited version 2.0 will now provide the ability to Strengthen your Legends! This will make them far more useful in battle, there is no doubt you will notice the change in a pinch after strengthening as it will be a game changer at times!

By gathering exclusive “Legendary Tomes” it will be possible to raise the Skill Level of your Legend Summons. Legendary Tomes will be available as you adventure through Hero Island (Story Mode) so steadily adventure, collect and strengthen!

Legend Enhancement

Selecting Legend Enhancement from the powerup menu, you will be able to select one of your Legends and see a screen like this, showing what you need in order to Strengthen this Legend:


By selecting the Legendary Tomes you are looking for, you can see the farmable locations for that tome, these will vary depending on which one you wish to farm.


Once you have collected the necessary materials you can strengthen the Legend. Please bear in mind this screen is under development and may differ in the final release.

Guild and Unity Battle

Thank you for your patience, we are sure you were tired of seeing “Coming Soon” on all these options on the home screen and not being able to interact with them, so we are pleased to announce that with the release of version 2.0 you will finally be able to take part in Guilds and Unity Battle, the new gameplay features we have been working on!

We are sure you will enjoy playing with friends and earning Luxury Rewards together in these new ways to play and interact! Please see more details below:

What is a Guild?

Guilds can be found by clicking the button shown below, this will be a place for you to interact with friends and play the new game mode – Unity Battle!


At Rank 12, you will be able to join a guild for the first time and take part in the fun new activities this new feature has to offer. At rank 30, you will be able to found your own Guild, this will include; choosing the Guild Logo, setting the Joining Conditions for the Guild and setting the Guild Policies! This way you can make a Guild that suits the way you want to play!


What can you do in a Guild?

There are 3 main things you can do as a Guild;

  • Chat
  • Guild Enhancement
  • Unity Battle


How Will Chat Work?

In chat you can communicate with your team about what your focus should be for the guild, strategizing and having friendly conversations. You can chat normally or if you are shy then please make use of the Stamps in game!


How does Guild Enhancement Work?

By investing Coins into your Guild you can strengthen everyone, Let’s build up our status for Unity Battle! Cooperate with everyone to be as efficient as possible to make things much easier and less of a grind for everyone!

To start with Upgrades will include:

  • Unity Battle Recovery Boost
  • Unity Battle Attack Boost
  • Unity Battle HP Boost

In total each Guild Member can invest up to 500k Coins in the guild.


How Will Unity Battle Work?

As we have said in previous teasers for this game mode, Unity Battle will be a fun gamemode to play with friends in Guilds! Challenge Bounties and defeat them for Luxury Rewards such as a new Legend!! More details will be revealed later as we do not want to spoil any surprises we may have in store but make sure to strengthen your party in preparation for the tough challenge!

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