Guilds Opening Celebration


Version 2.0 has finally been released so now everyone can take part in the new guilds gamemode! To celebrate a special campaign will be held starting from 06/08!

Guilds Login Bonus


Login for 8 days during the event period to receive rewards in your gift box! You can earn up to 400 Rubies from this Login Bonus!

Event Period: 06/09 04:00 ~ 06/19 03:59

New Story Mode Island

From 06/08 try a new story mode island! Island 21. [The High Spirits at Otokojuku]

  • Clear 21.3 – 6★ Blue Books x10
  • Clear 21.5 – 5★ Blue Jump Souls x10
  • Clear 21.7100 Rubies

1.5X FP and Stamina Boost for Friends


The Friend Points you send to in-game friends and the Stamina you send to LINE friends will be increased by a factor of 1.5X during this event!

Event Period: 06/09 04:00 ~ 06/19 03:59

Special Missions


A Super Popular reward item will be returning for this event, a Multi Ticket! As well as the normal missions being held, these special missions will also be available:


  • Clear the Coin Island 2 times – 100K Coins
  • Clear 7 Stages20 Rubies
  • Visit the Guild Once*20 Rubies


  • Reach Rank 12 – 50 Rubies
  • Make 30 Friends – 50 Rubies
  • Join a Guild – Multi Ticket
  • Speak in Team Chat – 100 Rubies

*We aren’t 100% sure on this mission, will be clarified later

Event Period: 06/09 04:00 ~ 06/19 03:59

1.5X Gold Boost


The coins earned from the Coins Stage available in Extra Events will provide an boosted amount of coins during this period!

Event Period: 06/08 15:00 ~ 06/18 14:59

Rubies Sale


Two special event sales packs will be on offer, please confirm the details below:

Guild Celebration Bonus Pack

  • 600 Rubies for 960¥
  • Can only be purchased once

Event Period: 06/08 15:00 ~ 06/11 14:59

Guild Celebration Massive Pack

  • 1125 Rubies for 1800¥
  • Can only be purchased once

Event Period: 06/08 15:00 ~ 06/11 14:59

Other Info

  • Orochimaru will be the next Battle Rush Boss! His event will be held this month!
  • Hadlar and Avan from Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken will be making and appearance soon!
  • Sprites for more Naruto and Eyeshield 21 characters have been uploaded to the official Jumputi site so we may see them in game soon!




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