Version 1.8.0 Additional

Along with what has already been announced up until this point, here are some more changes that will come soon

Quest Deck Number: Increased to 8

Arena Deck Number: Increased to 5 (Deck 1 is your automatic Defence Deck)

Box Space: Increased by 50 for all customers

Tower Quest: Tower Quest will be getting updated rewards and a revamped difficulty! The current tower will also be reset (Sometime between late July ~ early August)

Gold Quest: Changed to be available every day

Skill Quest: Changes have been made to the schedule

  • Monday: DPS
  • Tuesday: Tank
  • Wednesday: Healer
  • Thursday: Support
  • Friday: All Rounder
  • Saturday: DPS + Healer + Support
  • Sunday: All Rounder + Tank

Drops: The drops for Gold and Quests will be revamped

Scene Gacha: Scenes that were exclusive to events will be available in the gacha

Updated 5★ & 20% 5★ Pool: Adding Bruno Bucciarati, Hibino Makoto, Tanjiro Kamado and Kobayakawa Sena

Story Mode Changes: New items can be dropped, Gold and Memorial Stone drops also changed

Price Change: Permanent price adjustment for the medals of Seiya, Kenshiro and Taikoubou

Quest Difficulty Notation: The way the difficulty of a quest is displayed will be changed

Many of these changes will be on the day of the v1.8.0 update but some may be coming later

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