1st Anniversary JumpFest Part 3


A Jump Fest Pick Up gacha with special step ups!

  • Jump Fest 3: 07/20 12:00 ~ 07/29 23:59

The special step ups will take place as follows:

  • 1st Step: Half Price (125 orbs)
  • 2nd Step: Guaranteed 5★
  • 3rd Step: Guaranteed 5★ Jump unit


Pick Up Units

  • Shohoku Super Rookie – Rukawa Kaede
  • The Boy with a Death Note – Light Yagami
  • Survivor of the Kurta – Kurapika
  • The Girl Kept Alive By Illusions – Chrome Dokuro
  • The Successor of Nanto Suicho Ken – Rei
  • A Small Brave Man – Dai

After Step 3 this gacha will return to step 1. You can perform these steps a total of 3 times before this becomes a normal gacha. Steps will be reset between Jumpfest 1, 2 and 3. Steps must be performed with orbs not tickets.

Jump Units can only be pulled at 5★ rarity in this gacha

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