Summer Vacation Jumputi Festival


To celebrate the start of summer, a special campaign will be held, starting 07/23!

For students who are enjoying a well deserved summer vacation or the adults who are still working hard, let’s all enjoy this event and let Jumputi Heroes give you that Summer Feeling in an event with your favourite characters!

Campaign Login Bonus


Login for up to 8 days during the event period to receive rewards in your gift box! You can earn lots of Rubies and Gold!

Event Period: 07/24 04:00 ~ 08/06 03:59

Speaking of Summer Vacation… Summer Kabuto Hunting OH YEAH


For clearing a quest during the event you can receive one of the following:

  • Ordinary Beetle
  • Gold Beetle
  • Rainbow Beetle

Collect beetles everyday to earn rewards! There are even more rewards for collecting a number of Gold and Rainbow Beetles so work hard!

Stages not eligible

  • Tutorial
  • Battle Rush
  • Let’s meet our heroes island

Event Daily Missions

  • Collect 5 Beetles – 10 Rubies
  • Collect 10 Beetles – 20 Rubies

Event One Time Missions

  • Collect 25 Beetles – 25 Rubies
  • Collect 50 Beetles – 50 Rubies
  • Collect 100 Beetles – 75 Rubies
  • Collect 200 Beetles – 100 Rubies
  • Collect 15 Gold Beetles – 4★ or above Guaranteed Gacha Ticket
  • Collect 15 Rainbow Beetles – Multi Ticket

Missions Period: 07/24 04:00 ~ 08/06 03:59

Friend Point Gacha – New Character


A new unit from the series “The Flowery Keiji: At the Other Side of the Clouds” will be added to the game! Okumura Sukeemon will be available in the friendpoint gacha indefinitely!

Arrival Date: 07/23 15:00 ~

Hero Pickup Election Result Gacha

A voting event was held back in June to determine the most popular characters among the games players. These results have been broken down by Attribute and the most popular units will be featured pick up units!

Most Popular Fire Gacha


Event Period: 07/25 15:00 ~ 07/30 14:59

Most Popular Wood Gacha


Event Period: 07/26 15:00 ~ 07/31 14:59

Most Popular Thunder Gacha


Event Period: 07/27 15:00 ~ 08/01 14:59

Most Popular Aqua Gacha


Event Period: 07/28 15:00 ~ 08/02 14:59

Next Unity Battle


Keigo Atobe from Prince of Tennis will be making and appearance soon as a Unity Battle Boss! The reward for that event is currently unknown! Ryoma will be very helpful for this event!

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