Unity Battle – Dr. Mashirito


Unity Battle returns with the new boss – Dr. Mashirito!

Event Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 08/31 14:59

The Bounty

The Fifth ever Unity Battle Bounty will be Dr. Mashirito from Dr. Slump! The Norimaki Senbei Legend Summon will be a reward for contributing to his demise! There will also be a reward of a free multi summon ticket!


Also depending on the number of Mashiritos you defeat there is a chance for all guild members to win Rubies and Exchange Medals at the end of the event! In this announcement we will go into detail about what to expect from this event.

Atobe Invasion

Boss: Dr. Mashirito – Dr. Slump [Type: Wood]

Mission: Challenge Dr. Mashirito – 10 Rubies

You can check the individual rewards in game by clicking on the Jump Assistant in the Guild Tree House (once the event has begun)

Defeat Dr. Mashirito Support Gacha


A special gacha will be held to help players collect the units they need to defeat Dr. Mashirito! This is a special step up that can be used one time, you can see the details below!

Special Offers

  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 6th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 9th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit

Standard Rates

  • 5% chance of a 5★
  • Guaranteed at least one 4★ or higher in a Multi

Gacha Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 08/31 14:59

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