CM Release Celebration Campaign


To celebrate the release of the new Cinematic Movie, featuring Golden Bomber, a Campaign will be held with many different events for you to take part in!

The New CM [Jumputi Trailer]


This new trailer was made to promote the game with popular band Golden Bomber! There is also a whole Campaign Website with more content to come!

CM Campaign

To commemorate the release of the CM a massive number of events are being held, I think this is our biggest event list ever!?! We hope you enjoy all the effort that has been put to make an event that players new and old can enjoy!


CM Login Bonus


Login and receive rewards for up to 8 days during this campaign! Earn up to 700 rubies and a Free Multi Summon gacha ticket!

Login Period: 08/25 04:00 ~ 09/06 03:59

Free Multi Summon


In addition to the Free Multi Summon gacha ticket, you can do 1 free multi during this campaign, no strings attached!

Summon Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/07 14:59

Old Players Call Back Campaign


Certain players who haven’t played in a while (30 days or more) will have the notification above their name in the line section of your friends list. If they come back then you get 20 rubies, they will receive many benefits including a revamped comeback campaign to entice them back!

Campaign Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

Twitter Rewards Campaign


Twitter Lottery is back! Retweet the Lottery tweets to win real world prizes [NOTE: if you do not live in Japan it is likely that you are ineligible to win]

In Game Lottery


This lottery is being held right now! Go to the notification in the News with this banner and you will find a link, follow that link and enter the details asked for accurately and you can win certain rewards!


When you enter you will have:

  • 5% Chance to win a multi ticket
  • 40% Chance to win a 3 character Multi Ticket
  • 55% Chance to win a Guaranteed 3★ or Above gacha ticket

The lottery will be held at set times as detailed below, you will need to follow a new link posted in the news each time so please remember!

Lottery Times:

  1. 08/24 15:00 ~ 08/29 14:59
  2. 08/31 15:00 ~ 09/05 14:59
  3. 09/07 15:00 ~ 09/12 14:59
  4. 09/14 15:00 ~ 09/19 14:59
  5. 09/21 15:00 ~ 09/26 14:59

Strengthening Campaign


A handful of things being added for this campaign so that you can have an easier time strengthening your account especially for beginners!

Half Stamina Story: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

Super Success Rate UP: 08/24 04:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

Book Quests ALL OPEN:

  1. 08/24 04:00 ~ 08/27 03:59
  2. 08/31 04:00 ~ 09/03 03:59
  3. 09/07 04:00 ~ 09/10 03:59
  4. 09/14 04:00 ~ 09/21 03:59

Jump Soul Quests ALL OPEN:

  1. 08/28 04:00 ~ 08/31 03:59
  2. 09/04 04:00 ~ 09/07 03:59
  3. 09/11 04:00 ~ 09/21 03:59

Boosted Gold Quest OPEN:

  1. 08/28 04:00 ~ 08/31 03:59
  2. 09/04 04:00 ~ 09/07 03:59
  3. 09/11 04:00 ~ 09/21 03:59

Don’t let the heat get you down! Gatchan Max Luck Campaign brought to you by 31 Ice Cream (Baskin-Robbins)!


In the event “Angel of Penguin Village – Gatchan” you can earn the new Transcendent Class unit Gatchan! 2500 people who max her Luck in each half of the event will be able to get a voucher for a free single cone! [Again this is most likely Japan Only]

Even if you don’t get a voucher, everyone will still get a free Guaranteed 4★ or Above gacha ticket!

First Half: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/07 14:59

Second Half: 09/07 15:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

Angel of Penguin Village – Gatchan


Gatchan will have a 100% droprate! This is a great opportunity to max her luck so make sure to make the most of it!

Event Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

100% Drop Rate Event


This beginner friendly event will help everyone get Toguro, Onizuka and Gatchan to Max Luck! They will all have 100% drops rate however the luck value will vary between difficulties!



A chance to get Onizuka to max Luck!

Event Period: 08/27 15:00 ~ 09/03 14:59

Fear Me at 80% Power


A chance to get Toguro to max Luck!

Event Period: 09/03 15:00 ~ 09/10 14:59

She wants yo be your ideal girlfriend?! Sarutobi Ayame Bonding Campaign!


This event encourages you to max out Sarutobi Ayame’s Buddy Skill! There will be rewards for doing so!

Event Period: 08/27 15:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

Line Friends Rewards Reset and Bonus Campaign


The ruby rewards you receive for inviting Line Friends to play the game will be reset at 04:00 on 08/30. If you have not already earned all the current rewards for inviting line friends, now would be the time to do so! Additionally, during this campaign, if your friend actually joins, earn a second ruby reward!

Campaign Period: 08/30 04:00 ~ 09/21 03:59

Jumputi Restaurant Opening!


Clear special missions to earn Silver Coins, you can exchange them for a 5 Multi at the Restaurant Gacha! Each 5 Multi will have a chance to drop Tadokoro Megumi our super star chef! Other rewards include books and jump souls

Daily Event Missions

  • Clear 5 Adventures – 5 Silver Coins
  • Clear 10 Adventures – 5 Silver Coins

Event Period: 08/31 04:00 ~ 09/09 03:59

Restaurant Gacha


5 Silver coins for a 5 character multi! This is a great chance to get Tadokoro Megumi! Drop percentage and other such information can be found in game when the banner is released!

Gacha Period: 08/31 15:00 ~ 09/10 14:59

CM Special Ruby Sale


Two sales packs are being released to commemorate the release of the new CM for Jumputi!

CM Super Boosted Ruby Pack


For 1800 Yen, you will get 1000 Rubies! This can only be purchased once.

Sale Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/06 14:59

CM 32 Character Choice Ticket Pack


For 4800 Yen, you will get 1000 Rubies AND a special Selection ticket! With this ticket you will get to select a 5★ unit of your choice from a set of 32 popular characters!

Sale Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

CM Special Gacha


This is a very special limited edition event gacha! You can perform a multi summon for 1000 rubies and you get a guaranteed 5★ unit in that multi! This multi can also be pulled on up to 5 times!

Gacha Period: 08/24 15:00 ~ 09/20 14:59

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