10/11 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

Another big data download this week, I didn’t make one of these posts last week because there was so little to post about but this week there is lots to go over!

In this data download 4 new series that are NOT in the survey, there was another big series notably missing from that survey, will we see Sakuragi in the gacha that follows this one?!

Limited Duo Banner


Well after we got a duo limited banner last week and these 2 units also got buffed last week, I suppose this was a quite likely thing to happen. I am still not sure how I feel about these banners, sure the multis are cheaper and you get 5★ units easier but no guarantee is quite a pain for those who desperately want these units. I fear that beginners may keep pulling on these banners and sinking all their F2P rubies into them with no return….

3 Turn Challenge and Kaiba Returns


This is great to see, some new content and some returning old content. I know that some people like Unity Battle and the UB rewards but for me Battle Rush is simply the best (give me all the Jewels ♥) and I hope 3 Turn Challenge is good too though I’m not a big fan of Ticket fragments as rewards.

New Heroes Gacha


My new method to see these things is getting me much higher resolution images, I hope you like them!

This banner is…Bizarre!!! The ensemble cast here are weird to see, what stands out to me is seeing a new unit from and existing series as a part of an ensemble gacha with 3 new series, this becomes even more perplexing when you see there was another character from a new series in the data download…..

Jonathan Joestar from Phantom Blood (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Finally after predicting it for so long, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is in the game! I am happy we are starting with Part 1 (as it’s exclusion from the survey suggested we would). Jonathan looks good, his chibi is very true to the part 1 art style, just looking at the side by side is really nice! I know many fans would have wanted to start with a different part but for me this is a good starting point and I’m sure we will see plenty more Jojo in future gacha.

Prince Baka from Level E

I’m not particularly familiar with Level E, the art style always looked so serious to me, which is why I was shocked to find out it was about a character called Prince Baka….

I do feel a little bit burnt out on Togashi characters making their way into all the Jump games, I get it they are good but so many at a time is a bit annoying with so many other mangaka’s great work going untouched.

Salsa from Wild Half

Again a series I am not that familiar with. I did think at first “did we finally get an animal unit that is just a normal animal” and uhhh no we didn’t…

It seems Taketo was snubbed in favour of adding Salsa first which is fine considering many of the series in the game are getting second and even third gacha 5★ units so I guess Wild Half fans will just have to wait a bit longer.

Kise Ryōta from Kuroko no Basuke

Okay well, this is odd. Kuroko no Basuke already had 6 units in the game, including a Transcendent class and 2 gacha 5★ units so why are they getting another one before many series even have more than 1 unit? I don’t really know, but in a way I am happy to see Kise added because it opens doors for other series to get more gacha units.

I also wonder how the rest of “The Generation of Miracles” will be added? If Akashi is a Transcendent surely none of the others will be class events either right?

Missing IDs

For those wondering, there are some slots after Akashi but before Kise, it doesn’t mean those units are coming soon or anything but it does seem like an indicator that they are planned (perfect number of slots left)


Limited Gacha

No new limited gacha this week it’s nice to take some time off once in a while, I know that many will try to summon on the limited reprint banner and that’s fine but I think I would rather save my Rubies.

New Ultimate Class Event


Phantom Blood will be the next Ultimate Class Event! The boss Dio Brando will be available as a drop! He will be Aqua (Blue)!

Dio Brando from Phantom Blood (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

He is here! I know tons of people who are excited for this, especially after such a long wait, we get a farmable Dio! True I think many would prefer DIO but we will have to wait for Jotaro it seems. While I am excited to get started with Jojo, I do hope we get to see Will Zeppeli and Speed Wagon at least some time in the future.

Also why are we getting another Ultimate so soon? Is this a new schedule? At this point any sign of a pattern is slowly disappearing so it’s hard to draw too many conclusions.

Defeat Dio Gacha

Wait there isn’t one? Well I don’t think Dio will be coming until later next week so it is possible they just haven’t added the gacha yet, there are a lot of really nice Yellow units right now and I wonder if we will see the revamped Cobra on this banner…

New Transcendent Class Event

No Transcendent added yet. This isn’t too surprising considering that Bare Knuckle will run until after the next scheduled data download. Maybe this is the sign of a new rotation with Transcendents running 2 weeks and Ultimates starting and running on the weeks between?

Unknown event?

Another unit was added in with this bunch but he currently has no identifiable reason to be here, it could be the case that he will be a part of a gacha planned for the end of next week that will boost points for the costume event we are expecting (Halloween costumes of course) but we don’t know for sure and he could be a part of a campaign or something similar so we will see.

Amakuni Saruno from Mr. Fullswing

Another baseball manga, well there are quite a few so that’s not a surprise. What is a surprise however is that Baseball manga characters can’t just seem to act like normal gacha units, why is he not in the gacha instead of Kise and have Kise added another way? I don’t really know but I am always happy to see more new characters and series so I will take whatever way they choose to add him.

The Scroll Key


This key has been added to let us run special character skill events from the hidden treasure island (the key island). I think this is a pretty cool idea, apparently the events will give exp to characters with the matching colour but will also have a chance to drop scrolls so you can level your other character skills! This game is quite inconsistent with handing out keys though, so we will see how good it actually is…

Retweet Banner


Not much special to say here, we knew we were getting free summons based on how many retweets we hit and it seems like this is the banner for that. Considering it has the same appearance as the free summon banner we get from time to time, it will probably have a lacklustre pool of units so nothing much of interest here.

Scar’s Notes

And that seems to be all for this week. I was really hoping we would see Halloween stuff now, but it appears not yet. Hopefully next week will be filled with Spooky goodies!

Jojo has finally arrived after all my guessing and well… it’s here at least, let’s ignore all my wrong predictions….

I do want to praise the development team for, not only giving us plenty of content to play and new units to pull for, but also for allowing us to voice our opinion on these things in the vote form, I really hope they continue to do that sort of thing in the future and i can’t wait to find out the results!



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