Beginner Missions

Remember that most of the time, clicking the red button on the side of the mission will take you to the screen you need to be on (if possible)

  1. Summon on a Gacha Banner (Doesn’t include the free tutorial multi summon)
  2. Beat stage 1-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  3. Beat stage 1-5 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  4. Power Up a character (use books on a character)
  5. Beat stage 2-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  6. Beat stage 2-4 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  7. Clear a book stage
  8. Get a character to Level 30
  9. Beat stage 3-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  10. Clear a jump soul stage
  11. Evolve a character
  12. Beat stage 3-4 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  13. Clear the Yellow Book stage on the limited trials island (you have to open these with a key or with rubies, you should get 1 bronze key, which is the one you need for books, from a lifetime mission for clearing stage 3-2 of Heroes Story)
  14. Get a character to Level 60
  15. Beat stage 4-2 of Heroes Story (Story mode)
  16. Summon on the Friend Point Gacha
  17. Clear a Super Class event (the events that drop 4★ characters and give experience for their skill levels)
  18. Get a character to Level 60
  19. Evolve a character to 6★
  20. Play a quest in multiplayer

This mission list is up to date as of 10/14 2018

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