10/18 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

This was an inbetween week, if you don’t know, that means that we don’t expect many units to be announced and are more expecting campaign information and stuff like that which is exactly what we have here!

More in depth information on the campaigns will come out shortly but consider this a little teaser for the time being.

Amakuni Saruno from Mr. Fullswing

Well we wondered where he was last week, it seems they added him to the game a bit prematurely, he will be featured this week!


Much like Koichi Kawato a fellow Baseball Manga recent addition, Saruno appears to be a semi-limited unit just for halloween, I didn’t really understand why they did that last time but now it makes even less sense because Saruno is the only character from his manga to be added!?

Halloween Spooky Events


Starting off with the new gacha, Saruno boosts the amounts of the new Halloween collectible item, which will be exchangeable for prizes in the event store. These point boosters probably aren’t the only ones so don’t worry too much, however if you want to maximize efficiency then Saruno will be a requirement!

Halloween Spooky Candy


If you aren’t familiar, these events go something like this; Collect the collectible, from farming the event and trade them in for rubies, pearls tickets etc.

New Costumes

These look pretty good (some better than others though) I’m happy to get another 4 star costume (if you don’t know, costumes for 4 star characters are cheaper) in the form of Rukia’s Harpy costume, it looks great and doesn’t cost much!

Halloween Event


The spooky event I was hoping for, lots of good rewards still no sign of those 20% and 50% tickets I guess  Hopefully there are lots of pearls to earn too because I have my eye on a few of the new costumes!

Defeat Dio….?


Last week I said it was weird this banner didn’t exist and well… now it does! I hope Jonathan and Ai really are the only 2 banner units because they are both fantastic for the Dio event and Ai is good for basically any difficult stages!

Popular Class Event Units gacha


Pretty self explanatory if not a bit random I guess. There should be some good units in here though so for some players this might be a good time to summon for one you are missing.

4 Million Downloads Once per Day event


Wait we already hit 4 mil downloads?! oh….

This event can be cleared once per day and looks a lot like the gift event from the 3 Mil celebration. Wait is this character called Lil as in Little? That’s pretty adorable. Seems she will give us a letter of appreciation for clearing, who knows what it does though!


I don’t know what these are, obviously books are normally used for skill ups on Legend Summons but what are these for….


It seems like the Logos on the books are for the Teiko Jr. High from Kuroko no Basuke. This makes sense considering Kise came out last week so the next unity battle being related to him is not strange.

And it’s confirmed to be Atsushi Murasakibara from Kuroko no Basuke, interesting that the books have the Teiko logo on them when Murasakibara seems to be in his Yosen kit.

It seems like an odd choice in some ways not to have a Halloween Unity Battle or Transcendent event, I suppose the developers feel we might have our hands full with the 2 Ultimate Class battles this month as well as all the returning content and seasonal stuff.



This item was added some time during the week in between downloads, no idea what purpose it serves but should be interesting to see…

Gokudera Hayato

This isn’t exactly a data download thing because he was added to the site not to the games files. God am I happy to see him, I had a strong feeling that the slot that was empty in the Katekyo Hitman Reborn IDs would be him but nice to have that confirmed and know he is planned.

Don’t forget however that characters have been teased this way before and we never saw them again (The Haha bros and those Naruto units)

I can only hope we see all of them soon!

Scar’s Notes

And that seems to be all for this week. We finally got the spooky content I was hoping for and now we play the waiting game for 4 Million downloads and the next character batch (+ finding out the results of the character and series polls!). See you for more next week!



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