10/25 Data Download Info

*Please note, there will be speculation in this post

I already covered a lot of the news that has been posted in game here but there are still some things I want to go through below that haven’t been officially announced yet

New Heroes Gacha

Wait what? No new heroes gacha this week? I assume that this might have something to do with the vote, maybe they are getting some of the winning series and characters ready to be added? Hard to say but I’m a little bit disappointed not to see anything…

Limited Gacha


Well when we saw the preview of Pitou and Bisky in the stream my first thought was that we might see this boy. Of course it could have been Killua or Kurapika I guess and I know that people would have been happy with them too

Gon Freecs from Hunter x Hunter

As you can see there are 2 models here for Gon, that’s because he comes with a special costume during this event. This is the first time with have seen a costume for a Limited character and I don’t really know all the details but I think he looks pretty cool especially that scene panel! Based on the event below, I assume he will be Fire (Red)

New Catastrophe Class Event


I guess I’m a little strong ❤ will be the new Catastrophe Class Event! Catastophic Difficulty will only be available for a limited time. The boss Neferpitou will be available as a drop! They will be Wood (Green)!

Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter

Well Pitou gets to be the first of a new breed of hardest event in the game. Last month we had 2 Ultimate classes and skipped a Transcendent, this month we will be starting things off with a Catastrophic event?! Things have been a bit crazy, which I guess is down to the games’ recent popularity which has led to a string of awesome new events!

Pitou is 100% drop on Catastrophic Difficulty and also gets an event exclusive costume (limited to this period only) as you can see in the middle. It looks kinda cool but you need to beat this event on the highest difficulty to unlock the costume so this could be very hard for many…

New Transcendent Class Event


Double Star Stone Hunter will be the next Transcendent Class Event! The boss Biscuit Krueger will be available as a drop! She will be Thunder (Yellow)!

Biscuit Krueger from Hunter x Hunter

Seriously?! Three hxh units this month?! Well I don’t mind so much because Bisky is one of my favourites and her scene and art look lovely but so much Togashi in the Jump games this month, I hope all this love motivates him to not go on hiatus again for a while 😀

With a new system being added soon to give us more of a reason to get more units to 99 Luck + the motivation from the gift costume for either Luffy, Goku, Deku or Naruto for doing it this time too, I will definitely be maxing her out!

Master Roshi


I already covered this event in the news post but I must say I am quite disappointed that Master Roshi is not playable (at least not yet) and instead we win free cola….


Unity Battle – Murasakibara


Again, covered this in the news post but just wanted to mention how cool it was, we saw Frieza as a playable unit in the files ages ago and now we can finally get him! This is definitely better rewards than some of the Legend Summons which aren’t so great. I hope we see this more and more, If you’re out there Jumputi Gods please let there be a Battle rush this month where I can earn a copy of Shin!!!

Frieza from Dragon Ball

I really hope he’s a good unit and I can’t wait to see what they do with the new currency “Soldier’s Souls” it’s great that Unity battle is finally getting the revamp it needed because man was it such a grind before (except the Golden Bomber one which was awesome!)

4M Downloads Costume Swaps


As a part of the 4 Million Downloads event we get 4 new costumes. This is something I say a lot in the discord but there is so much potential in this game for so many different costumes from each series, I am happy to see them ramping up the speed of the costumes being released!

Our New Heroes?

I personally think they look pretty good and will look even better in game. These costumes aren’t too surprising, One Piece and Dragon Ball have crossed over many times and Horikoshi has always talked about some of his inspirations for MHA stemming from Kishimoto’s work on Naruto. I hope there is a Part 2 of this event and we can see costume crossovers for more different series as well!

Celebrate World Trigger’s Return Gacha


If you didn’t know, World Trigger is set to return after a massive Hiatus (I see a theme with this weeks content) and in celebration of this, a gacha will be held to give us a chance to get the World Trigger 5★s that you might be missing. Even if this is a bait gacha, I’m a little tempted considering I am missing Jin and Yuuma but that will really depend on what happens with the New Heroes gacha.

24 Hour Weakening Gacha


This gacha features 4 units that can inflict Weakening. These are 4 really good units so this would, by no means, be a bad way to spend your rubies but with no way to know what is coming next week, that 24 hour window will be quite restrictive…

24 Hour Bubble Conversion + ATK UP Gacha


Similar to the gacha above but with different featured units. Again 3 decent Supports here and if you want them/are missing any, not a bad way to go with your rubies.

Scar’s Notes

Well this was a lot of news but the lack of new heroes is a little disappointing for me. Not to complain about all the great stuff we did get, I was just expecting a new gacha to pull on. We do have a lot of bait gacha in here so it might be hard for some of us to avoid summoning on it but please do remember to be selective about how many summons you do and on which banners!

A lot of new ideas at play here this week and I have a strong feeling these are all going to be a big positive for the game going forward! Droppable Unity Battle units, Soldier’s Souls shop, event exclusive costumes to rewards players who work hard and UB being reworked to reward the players who do best! These are a bunch of fantastic changes and I can’t wait to see what’s next!



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