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Jumputi New Heroes Gacha


This Friday, 2 New series are being added to the game and they bring new units with them! These featured 5★ units will be rated up! Additionally on your 3rd, 4th and 5th Multi Summons on this banner you will get a guaranteed 5★ unit from the 4 new ones that have been added in this banner!

5★ Pick Up units

Special Offers

Standard Rates

Gacha Period: 11/09 15:00 ~ 11/16 14:59

Let’s Meet Our Heroes island

A special 24 hour event each week! We feel you should be able to see what these characters are about before you summon for them. Go to this island and see a preview and get Rubies for clearing it!

Island Period: 11/09 15:00 ~ 11/10 14:59

Rubies Sale #1

One time only, for the price of 480¥ you can receive 500 Rubies.

Sale Period: 11/09 15:00 ~ 12/01 03:59

Rubies Sale #2

Three times only, for the price of 9800¥ you can receive 3000 Rubies and 1 Skill Jewel of each type.

Sale Period: 11/09 15:00 ~ 12/01 03:59

Survey Results

Thank you very much for your responses on the surveys, the results will be used for future reference when preparing future operations. The first releases as a result of the survey will be Captain Tsubasa and Dr. Stone but as for other works and characters, we intend to add one after another so please look forward to the future!


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