Equippable Item: Koma

A “Koma” (or Panel) is an Item that can be equipped to characters. Koma can do all sorts of things, including Stat buffs, allow units to inflict statuses, block debuffs etc. These items will be obtainable as rewards from quests and other places.


About Koma

You can Enhance these Koma by using Jump Gold, however there is a chance for a Koma enhancement to fail so be prepared.

By enhancing them you can increase their strength or add bonus effects! Bonus effects will be earned at levels 4, 8 and 12. The max level for all currently obtainable Koma of all rarities is level 12.


Equip Koma to your characters in the Koma screen which can be found in the character menu at the bottom. There are 6 slots for each character, try equipping matching Koma to experiment with set bonuses. Different rarity Koma will boost stats in different ways and by different amounts but Koma can be put into sets that give special bonuses!

Set Bonuses

There are many different kinds of Koma. Equipping multiple of the same kind of Koma will result in a Bonus!


  • 4 x Strong Blow Koma Set Bonus: +25% Attack
  • 2 x Iron Wall Koma Set Bonus: -10% Damage Received
  • 2 x Satisfaction Koma Set Bonus: +12% chance of Critical Hits
  • 2 x Mystery Koma Set Bonus: +15% Ultimate Attack Damage
  • 4 x Resistance Koma Set Bonus: Negate Status Debuffs 3 times
  • 4 x Sleepiness Koma Set Bonus: 25% chance to inflict Sleep with each normal attack

Stat Buffs

Below are the Stat buffs that can be gained from Koma, translated into english so you can get used to recognising them:

  • 攻撃力 = Attack
  • 防御力 = Defence
  • HP = HP
  • クリティカル率 = Crit Chance
  • 素早さ = Speed

Koma Quest


Boost the capabilities of your units using the equip item “Koma”! There are two quests available to help get yourself some of the Koma

  • [Strong Blow – Mystery – Sleepiness] Koma Quest
  • [Iron Wall – Satisfaction – Resistance] Koma Quest

Advance through these stages for a chance at High Rarity Koma!

Koma will be added in many ways, not just these Koma quests, so be aware they will come soon to other places. You can find them in Story mode already!

You will receive set Koma for clearing Koma stages once. Once you have cleared them then you can farm them for even higher rarity rewards! One will drop per run regardless of difficulty.

[Strong Blow – Mystery – Sleepiness] Koma Quest


The enemies you face will be Strength and Physical type. Agile and/or Technique types are recommended.

Farmables Stage 1

  • 2★ ~ 4★ Strong Blow & Mystery Koma
  • 1★ ~ 3★ Sleepiness Koma

Farmables Stage 2

  • 2★ ~ 4★ Strong Blow & Mystery Koma
  • 1★ ~ 3★ Sleepiness Koma

Farmables Stage 3

  • 3★ ~ 5★ Strong Blow & Mystery & Sleepiness Koma

Farmables Stage 4

  • 3★ ~ 5★ Strong Blow & Mystery & Sleepiness Koma

[Iron Wall – Satisfaction – Resistance] Koma Quest


The enemies will be Agile and Technique type. Intelligence and/or Heart types are recommended.

Farmables Stage 1

  • 2★ ~ 4★ Iron Wall & Satisfaction Koma
  • 1★ ~ 3★ Resistance Koma

Farmables Stage 2

  • 2★ ~ 4★ Iron Wall & Satisfaction Koma
  • 1★ ~ 3★ Resistance Koma

Farmables Stage 3

  • 3★ ~ 5★ Iron Wall & Satisfaction & Resistance Koma

Farmables Stage 4

  • 3★ ~ 5★ Iron Wall & Satisfaction & Resistance Koma

This page is up to date as of 19/07/2018

Ore Dictionary

This is a work in progress to attempt to put all the terminology from the game together.

Bear in mind that for many of the translations we do not use the literal translation but the thing that best suits the situation eg. All Rounder is what we have translated “万能” as, however, “Universal” would be more accurate. We went with All Rounder because we already use the term “Universal” for Universal Scrolls.





  • 力 = Strength
  • 知 = Intelligence
  • 速 = Agile
  • 技 = Technique
  • 体 = Physical
  • 心 = Heart





  • 攻撃 = DPS
  • 防御 = Tank
  • 万能 = All Rounder
  • 補助 = Support
  • 回復 = Healer


There are a lot of characteristics in this game so I have put them in their own list which can be found here

Skill Scrolls

These scrolls are used to increase the level of a skill. Every character in the game (so far) has 10 skill levels. Each level up will lower the cooldown of the skill by 1 second. Some skills also grow in power / potency or gain new abilities as they are levelled up.

Sizes (Rarities):

Skills scrolls come in 3 sizes (Small [小], Medium[中] and Large[大]):



Scrolls come in 6 classes. One for each of the character classes in the game and one universal class. The universal scrolls are used by every character alongside the scrolls of their own class.


  • 攻撃の型のスキル強化書 = DPS Scroll
  • 防御の型のスキル強化書 = Tank Scroll
  • 万能の型のスキル強化書 = All Rounder Scroll
  • 補助の型のスキル強化書 = Support Scroll
  • 回復の型のスキル強化書 = Healer Scroll
  • 全ての型のスキル強化書 = Universal Scroll

Scrolls can be farmed from the daily scroll events and they also are normally included in the points shop for most events. Universal scrolls are also available as a drop on the daily scroll events but you will need a lot of them so you will need to also get them from clearing the daily missions, they will also be available from the Legend Arena store.

Character Stats

Every character has a set of 4 stats:

  • 攻撃力 = Attack
  • 防御力 = Defence
  • 最大HP = Health Points (HP)
  • 素早さ = Speed

What do they mean?

  • Attack is the amount of damage your attacks do, this number is also factored in when a Skill or Ultimate Attack uses a __% damage infliction eg. 150% damage skill on a character with 1000 Attack will do 1.5 x 1000 damage (1500)
  • Defence is how much you can reduce the damage enemies hit you for
  • HP is the amount of damage a unit can take before it is defeated, when a unit is defeated it can no longer be used in that battle
  • Speed decides who gets to attack first, speed can also reduce the wait time for a unit’s Ultimate Attack

Leader Skills

Leader skills are broken down into 3 parts:

  • Type of Boost
  • Who receives the boost
  • Boost amount

Type of Boost

So far we have only seen leader skills boost four things:

  • 攻撃力 = Attack
  • 防御力 = Defence
  • 最大HP = HP
  • クリティカル率 = chance of Critical hits

These four things can also be boosted by passives which typically are more complex than leader skills

Who receives the boost?

This will most likely change in the future but currently we have only seen 2 different groups get boosted by a Leader Skill:

  • Types
  • Characteristics

Boost Amount (Multipliers):

Multipliers will typically appear towards the end of a boost or reduction and will be accompanied with the text “アップ” – UP.

Below are the multipliers in descending order of power:

  • 特大 = Extreme
  • 大 = Large
  • 中 = Medium
  • 小 = Small

There are also instances where a boost or reduction will have no value and will simply have the text “アップ” – UP, with no multiplier text next to it.

Leader Skill Example

I’m going to break down a leader skill here into its parts to show how the informations above applies to a leader skill

Chosen by the Arrow – Giorno Giovanna


Leader Skill: 速・カ・体属性の最大HP大アップ

How do I read this?

  • 速・カ・体 = Agile and Strength and Physical
  • 属性 = Attribute (Type)
  • の = of
  • 最大HP = Maximum HP
  • 大 = Large
  • アップ = UP


So we translated this leader skill as:

UP Large Maximum HP of Attribute (Type) Agile and Strength and Physical

That translation by itself is fine but to make it a bit clearer we have this translation in the database as:

Boost the HP of StrengthPhysical and Agile units by a Large amount

Let’s try another:

Super Paopei Cyborg – Li Nataku


Leader Skill: 心・体属性の攻撃力特大アップ

How do I read this?

  • 心・体 = Heart and Physical
  • 属性 = Attribute (Type)
  • の = of
  • 攻撃力 = Attack Power
  • 特大 = Extra Large
  • アップ = UP


So we translated this leader skill as:

UP Extra Large Attack Power of Attribute (Type) Heart and Physical

We have this translation in the database as:

Boost the Attack of Heart and Physical units by an Extreme amount

Buffs / Debuffs

Buff / Debuffs in this game can be split into 2 categories


A status condition is similar to status conditions in a game like pokemon, they don’t affect your stats but affect you in some other way:

  • 気絶 = Stun:
  • 行動不能 = Immobilize: Stops a unit from doing anything
  • 必殺技封印 = Ultimate Attack Seal: Stops Ultimate Attack from being used
  • 氷結 = Freeze: Stops a unit from doing anything
  • やけど = Burn: Causes damage per turn
  • 毒 = Poison: Causes damage per turn
  • 恐怖 = Fear: Chance to seal Skills and Ultimate Attack
  • Blind: Chance for normal attacks to hit the wrong characters
  • 出血 = Bleed: Causes damage per turn
  • Heavy Bleed: HP gets drained to 1 at the start of next turn (same kanji as Bleed but will state different effect)
  • 自動回復 = Auto Recovery: Heals per turn
  • 魅了 = Charm: Unit will attack their own allies or themselves
  • ダメージが効かなく = Block: Prevents damage being dealt to the unit
  • 仲間への通常攻撃を代わりに受 = Guard: Unit will take damage for their allies


A stat condition is a condition that has a direct impact on a unit’s stats, it can either boost or reduce the stats of a unit:

  • 攻撃力 = Attack
  • 防御力 = Defence
  • 最大HP = HP
  • クリティカル率 = chance of Critical hits
  • 素早さ = Speed
  • スキルダメージ = Skill Damage
  • 必殺技威力を = Ultimate Attack Damage
  • HP回復効果 = Effect of Healing Skills
  • 攻撃した際のダメージ = Damage Dealt
  • 受けるダメージ = Damage Received




  •  ★5確定キャラクターガシャチケット = 5★ Gacha Ticket
  • アリーナカード = Arena Stamina
  • ジャンプゴールド = Gold
  • キャラクターガシャチケット = Gacha Ticket
  •  ゴールドアップ = Gold Boost
  • ジャンプオーブ = Jump Orb
  • メモリアルポイント = Memorial Stone
  •  パワーアップガシャチケット = Power Up Gacha Ticket
  • ジャポビタン = Stamina Bottle
  •  強化ベンチプレス = Bench Press
  •  強化ダンベル = Dumbbell
  • ブーストドリンク = Over Boost Soda

What do they do?

  • 5★ Gacha Ticket = A single pull on a Gacha that only has 5★ cards in it (this gacha does not include Jump Units)
  • Arena Stamina = Use these cards to refill your stamina for Legend Arena
  • Gold = The standard currency for the game, used for most things in game
  • Gacha Ticket = A single pull on any Gacha (not including the 5★ Gacha)
  • Gold Boost = Can be activated before running a stage to double the Gold Earned
  • Jump Orb = The premium currency for the game, used for summoning on gachas, Expanding character boxes and refilling stamina.
  • Memorial Stone = The secondary currency for the game, use these exclusively on the scene gacha, collect scenes to level up your account and equip the scenes to your characters to power them up
  • Power Up Gacha Ticket = A single pull on the Power Up Gacha, a gacha that only has select beginner units and fodder units (as well as dumbbells)
  • Stamina Bottle = Use these bottles to refill your stamina for normal quests
  • Bench Press = A special type of dumbbell, this item will level any character that is the same colour from 1 to 60 (if they are Victory evolved)
  • Dumbbell = Use this item to boost a character level. They come in 4 sizes; Small, Medium, Large and Bench Press. They normally come in all 6 in game colours but in the past there has been a 7th variety of dumbbell called a Rainbow Dumbbell
  • Over Boost Soda = Use this to boost the Over Boost of a character that is the same colour.


Medals are required to Jump Awaken units. There are two types of medals:

  • Era Medals
  • Series Medals

Era medals are used to Jump Awaken units from the era they are from, Series medals are used to Jump Awaken units from the series they are from. Both can be obtained from events.

Menu Guides

Main menu

menu guide

1) Level

This displays your current level. In this game you level up by collecting scenes.

2) Scenes needed

This displays the number of scenes required for your next level up.

3) Memorial Stones

This is the currency you use to summon for more scenes.

4) Gold

This is the currency you use for levelling characters, skill ups, evolution and more.

5) Jump Orbs

This is the premium currency of the game, use these to summon for characters, expand your character box and refill stamina

6) Orbs Menu

In this menu you can purchase new orbs, expand your box, refill you

Purchasing orbs guide

7) Settings

Take you to the Settings menu, this menu includes:

  • Changing your Nickname
  • Changing sound and animation settings
  • SNS /  Account Link
  • Other Stuff

8) Stamina Bar

This displays how much stamina you have. You need stamina to participate in events. Your stamina will sometimes increase when you level up.

9) Stamina Overflow

When you get a stamina refill either from using orbs, from using a stamina bottle or from a level up, if the amount of stamina you are refilling by is greater than the size of your stamina bar, the excess stamina will go into Stamina Overflow.

When your Stamina Overflow reach 100, you will receive a +100 Stamina Bottle, which you can use to refill 100 stamina whenever you need it.

10) Banners

Event, Summon, Sale or Legend Arena banners can appear here. Click them to go to the thing they are advertising.

11) Follow List

This takes you to the list of people you follow. The people you follow will appear frequently on your guest list when starting a battle. The only way to follow someone is by adding them after using them as a guest.

12) News

This will take you to the news page. This is where the developers tell us what is going on in the game and what is coming soon.

13) Training Campaign Missions

This menu option will only show up during special events. Here you will be able to claim special event rewards.

If you are new to the game there will also be an option above this for Beginner Quests

14) Gift Box

This is where certain rewards will be sent, some items will expire after a while so if you see anything in here that you want/need then make sure to collect it as soon as you can.

15) Missions

This is where Event, Lifetime and Daily missions will show up. Some rewards will be sent to the Gift Box when claimed.

16) Main Menu

This button will let you navigate back to this main screen when you are in other menus.

17) Scene Shop and Collections

This button will take you to the Scene Gacha screen. From there you will be able to summon on scene gacha, examine scene collections and browse your character and scene log.

18) Battle Menu

This will take you to the battle screen, from here you can choose from Events, Story Mode, Battle Tower and daily dungeons.

19) Legend Arena

Legend arena is this games version of PVP.

20) Gacha Menu

This menu contains all the currently available gacha banners, including:

  • Event Banners
  • Guaranteed 5* Summons
  • Era Banners
  • Power Up Banner

21) Team Menu

This is the menu that contains all the actions relating to your characters;

  • Powering Up
  • Evolving
  • Selling
  • Level Skills
  • Jump Awakening
  • other assorted

Settings Menu


What is the “Legend Arena”?

Legend Arena is Ore Collection’s equivalent of PVP. You challenge the teams created by other players in the game and earn BP & AP. But remember, other teams can challenge you too and your rank will be affected so be prepared to Attack and Defend!

How do I access Legend Arena?

In order to participate in Legend Arena you must have finished Jump Story (Story Mode) Volume 2. Once you have completed that, Legend Arena will be selectable from the main menu.

vs battle.png

Legend Arena Menu

The screenshot below should give you a rough overview of how to interact with the Legend Arena GUI.

gui guide

Legend arena will give you 8 opponents. Beating these 8 opponents will give you a board clear bonus, if you can’t clear the board then hit the refresh button to get 8 new opponents.

When challenging an opponent you can view their team before battle and see the rarity of their cards, use this information to plan your battle strategy.

Information like Overboost and Skill level are hidden.

Arena Points

AP or Arena Points are the currency of this game mode. Use AP in the AP store to purchase items such as; Power Up Tickets, Gacha Tickets, character cards, OB Soda and much more.

AP will be earned from every fight, regardless of whether you win or not, however winning will earn you more AP than losing.

The amount of AP you earn per fight depends on:

  • Your current Rank
  • The outcome of the battle
  • 1st battle or Counter Attack

The higher your rank is, the more AP you will accumulate from battle. Counter Attacks also rewards more AP than normal battles.

Arena points do not reset and cannot go down without being spent.

Battle Points

BP or Battle Points are the points that determine your rank. The higher your BP is the Higher ranked you will be. You can earn and lose BP from battles. Other users can challenge you and this can also earn and lose you BP.

The amount of BP earned/lost from a fight is affected by:

  • Your current Rank
  • The rank difference between you and your opponent
  • The outcome of the battle
  • 1st battle or Counter Attack

Counter Attacks Reward more BP.

You will earn BP from wins and lose BP from losses. The BP will vary based on the opponent, as follows:

  • Beating an enemy with a Lower Rank than you will have a Small Positive Impact on your score
  • Beating an enemy with a Higher Rank than you will have a Large Positive Impact on your score
  • Losing to an enemy with a Higher Rank than you will have a Small Negative Impact on your score
  • Losing to an enemy with a Lower Rank than you will have a Large Negative Impact on your score

An example of this would be:

  • Victory against a person 2 ranks higher than you +22pt
  • Defeat against a person 2 ranks higher than you -18pt
  • Victory against a person 1 rank higher than you +21pt
  • Defeat against a person 1 rank higher than you -19pt
  • Victory against a person the same rank as you +20pt
  • Defeat against a person the same rank as you -20pt
  • Victory against a person 1 rank lower than you +19pt
  • Defeat against a person 1 rank lower than you -21pt
  • Victory against a person 2 ranks lower than you +18pt
  • Defeat against a person 2 ranks lower than you -22pt

These numbers will go higher and lower depending on the context of the battle.


Ranks will be determined by your BP. Your BP at the end of the season will determine what rewards you receive. It is not enough to just reach your desired rank you must maintain said rank until the end of the season.

Elite Tier (Rainbow)

  • Elite 1 – 2000 BP and above

Expert Tier (Gold)

  • Expert 3 – 1900 ~ 1999 BP
  • Expert 2 – 1800 ~ 1899 BP
  • Expert 1 – 1700 ~ 1799 BP

Pro Tier (Silver)

  • Pro 3 – 1600 ~ 1699 BP
  • Pro 2 – 1500 ~ 1599 BP
  • Pro 1 – 1400 ~ 1499 BP

Semi-pro Tier (Bronze)

  • Semi-pro 3 – 1300 ~ 1399 BP
  • Semi-pro 2 – 1200 ~ 1299 BP
  • Semi-pro 1 – 1100 ~ 1199 BP

Rookie Tier (Blue)

  • Rookie 3 – 1050 ~ 1099 BP
  • Rookie 2 – 1000 ~ 1049 BP
  • Rookie 1 – 900 ~ 999 BP

Amateur Tier (No Star)

  • Amateur – 899 BP and below

BP Reset

The BP & Ranks will reset at the start of each round/season.

Players can however gain a favorable start based on their previous season performance.


Your rank at the end of the season will determine what rank you start at next season!

  • Expert 1 & above will be deranked to Semi-pro 3
  • Pro Tier and Semi-pro Tier will derank one tier (eg. Pro 2 becomes Semi-pro 2)
  • Rookie Tier and below will derank to Amateur Tier

The Battle Log & Counter Attacks

Information on the last 10 challenges against your team will appear in the “Battle Log”. It will be possible to “Counter Attack” people who have challenged you. Winning a “Counter Attack” will give you a “Counter Attack Success Bonus” on top of the standard points you will earn.



About Stamina Refill

In Legend Arena, you are able to refill tickets, it will cost you 5 Jump orbs for 10 Stamina Tickets.

Team Building

I get a lot of questions about team building (especially for Legend Arena) so I figured I’d make a post explaining some of the basics of making a team.


These are the names of the types as they will appear in the Database. A unit’s type will be an important thing to consider when team building.

Leader Skills

One of the first things you should consider for your team is, who will be in the leader slot? There are 4 things to consider when selecting your leader:

  • Do I want this unit to be in the main team?
  • What does their leader skill boost?
  • Who does their leader skill boost?
  • How much does their leader skill boost by?

How do I know a units leader skill?

They are all listed on the database

Do I want this unit to be in the main team?

This will depend on who the unit is. Obviously if you have a unit who you want to survive long enough to get off their Ultimate attack eg. SSJ Goku, you will want to put them in a support slot instead, even if you like their leader skill.

You also have to consider seals/roll-backs, characters like Bobobo are hard to deal with if your unit is in the main team but there are also many problematic units who will affect support slot units as well.

What does their leader skill boost?

Leader skills (so far) can boost 4 things; HP, Attack, Defence and Crit chance. All of these are viable leader skills and have their uses, they also all have their counters.

Typically people will opt for Attack leaders and for events this is definitely what you should do for faster farming but in Legend arena or certain harder events, it is quite often best to choose HP or Defence.

Who does their leader skill boost?

Typically leader skills boost colours but there are certain characters where this isn’t the case and they boost something like a characteristic. You are going to want to fill the team with units that fit the criteria of the leader skill eg. Strength units in a Strength team

How much does their leader skill boost by?

There are 2 damage modifiers for Leader skills; Large and Extreme.

Extreme is the biggest boost currently in the game. Typically Large leaders boost more than one type and very few Extreme leaders boost more than one type.


There are certain times when you would ignore the active leader skill when selecting subs for the team. This could be so that you get more hard hitters in your team or a certain utility unit. People who have played OPTC in the past may be familiar with this in the instance of characters like “Golden Pound Usopp” or “Shiryu of the Rain”.


How do I know a units passive?

They are all listed on the database just click on a character’s name or image to see their character page, their passives are listed there.

Passives Vs. Leader Skills

Passives can make or break a team. In a lot of cases they are more important to your team than leader skills. A lot of the boosts found in passives are similar to leader skills but there are some key differences.

Passives can boost by:

  • Unspecified*
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extreme
*if a passive doesn’t have a multiplier modifier just assume it is smaller than the small modifier.

Passives can boost:

  • Type
  • Characteristic
  • Class
  • Series
  • Era

Passives can affect:

  • Defence
  • Attack
  • HP
  • Crit Chance
  • Speed
  • Ultimate Attack damage
  • Damage against a certain type, class, characteristic etc.
  • and much more

Passives can essentially have an effect on anything to do with the battle. This makes building teams a bit more complicated but all you have to do is read the passives before you slot someone into your team.

Not all boosts are equal!

A common misconception is that each multiplier modifier eg. Extreme, is a set value. This is wrong. In the cases of leader skills we haven’t found any cases where the values have differed however in the case of passives we have. Typically for a passive, the more specific the passive is, the more powerful it is. Let’s use an example;

Kaori Makimura’s Passive 3:

  • “Boost the Attack of 1980s era allies with the Protagonist characteristic by an Extreme amount”

Ai Amano’s Passive 3:

  • “Boost the Attack of allies with the Protagonist characteristic by an Extreme amount”

Even though both passives boost by an Extreme amount, Kaori’s boost is bigger because it’s more specific.


As the meta changes every couple of weeks and there is currently no “100% guaranteed best team in the game” it’s impossible for me to tell you a best team to make. You have to consider who is in your box focus on building a team that works with those units. 5* minimum for Legend Arena but Victory is much better. Overboost is super important when the ranks get higher.

When building teams always get the relevant skills to level 10, including the ultimate attack.

Legend Arena in general is aimed at the people with the meta units, if you don’t have them then just make the best team you can manage with your box and hope for the best.