Student Council Executive Order Event


From 11/15 the new event “Student Council Executive Order” will be held!

The items “President’s Armband”, “Vice-President’s Armband” and “General Affairs Manager’s Armband” will be available as rewards


Clear missions and special events during this event period to earn luxurious items and even 5★ characters. 5★ Naze Youka will be available during this event, she also has a special awakening item “Syringe” and a “Kujira Kurokami” costume!

#1 Kurokami Kujira Nee-san


In this event the items “President’s Armband”, “Vice-President’s Armband” and “General Affairs Manager’s Armband” will be available as rewards

This event’s stages will be laid out from 1st Box to 5th Box. Each stage will have differing drops and difficulty. There is also a Special Edition stage equivalent to Ultimate Class difficulty. Furthermore, if you have certain characters and bring them along you can gain a points boost!

  • 1st Box – 3 Stamina – General Affairs Manager’s Armband x3
  • 2nd Box – 5 Stamina – General Affairs Manager’s Armband x4
  • 3rd Box – 10 Stamina – Vice-President’s Armband x2
  • 4th Box – 15 Stamina – Vice-President’s Armband x5
  • 5th Box – 20 Stamina – President’s Armband x5
  • Special Edition – 1 Stamina – President’s Armband x10

You can challenge 1st Box ~ 5th Box as many times as you like but you can only challenge Special Edition 3 times per day.

Event Period: 11/15 15:00 ~ 11/22 14:59

#2 Special Armband Daily Missions

Special Daily Missions will be held during this event to earn more Armbands as well as some extra Rubies!

  • Collect 25 General Affairs Manager’s Armbands – General Affairs Manager’s Armband x30
  • Collect 15 Vice-President’s Armbands – Vice-President’s Armband x15
  • Clear the event “Kurokami Kujira Nee-san” 5 times – President’s Armband x10
  • Clear all daily missions – 10 Rubies

Missions Period: 11/15 04:00 ~ 11/23 03:59

#3 Kurokami Kujira Nee-san Point Boosting Gacha


This gacha will feature Pick-up units that boost the amount of all types of Armbands you earn from the stages of the event “Kurokami Kujira Nee-san”

Included in this gacha will be the new and exclusive 5★ unit “War God Mode – Medaka Kurokami”. She will DOUBLE the number of armbands dropped from this event!

Special Offers

  • 1st Single – 25 Rubies
  • 1st Multi – 500 Rubies
  • 2nd Multi – 750 Rubies
  • 3rd Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 4th Multi – Guaranteed 5★ Pick Up unit
  • 5th Multi – Guaranteed [War God Mode] Medaka Kurokami

Gacha Period: 11/15 15:00 ~ 11/22 14:59



3 Turn Challenge


Clear each of the challenges set before you in just 3 turns!! Your Legend Summon Gauge will be set to 100% so use the skills you have learned from playing the game up until now to conquer these quests!

Clear all stages and get 12 Guaranteed 5★ Ticket Fragments as well as other rewards! Remember you need 10 to get a Guaranteed 5★ Ticket!

Event Period: 10/12 15:00 ~ 10/19 14:59

Red 3 Turn Challenge


Blue units are recommended for this stage.

Blue 3 Turn Challenge


Yellow units are recommended for this stage.

Green 3 Turn Challenge


Red units are recommended for this stage.

Yellow 3 Turn Challenge


Green units are recommended for this stage.

Version 1.0.5 Questionnaire


A new version has dropped in Jump Stadium, as well as a satisfaction quiz. This is meant to get player feedback with hopes of improving the game for all players. Make sure to fill it out!

Dates: 08/31 13:00 ~ 09/07 12:59 (JST)

NOTE: There is no incentive for completing this questionnaire (No gems, gold, chips, etc.) so you should not feel the need to complete it you may skip it. However, I would recommend doing it as it gives the users an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Continue reading “Version 1.0.5 Questionnaire”

Database Version 2.0 Beta

Hey guys

I haven’t had a lot of time on my hands so this has taken a substantial amount longer than I thought it would to get up and running. This build is far from done but I’ve been working on this for a couple of months now and I thought it would be good to get a beta out there and get feedback so people can tell me if there is anything I am missing / haven’t thought of.

For those wondering, yes I know that Level 10 skills are all now available from the character log. I wanted to get this out before I began adding all of those in.

Some of the changes on here are a temporary option that will be improved later.

Below I am going to list the differences between version 1.0 and 2.0, the known issues/bugs and the planned future updates. If there is anything I have missed off the bugs list or the future features list then feel free to leave a comment on this page letting me know! You can also message me on discord or reddit.

Version Differences

  • Live Search is now available, no need to reload the page when using the search bar now
  • Filters have been added and small tweaks were made to sorts
  • Character pages are no longer on separate pages, they appear in a modal pop out
  • Stats are now displayed in a small table on the character page to clear the page up a little
  • Only the highest set of skills in the DB for each character will be shown eg. Tsuna has level 10 skills so his level 1 skills are no longer shown, a character with lvl 1 skills only will show them instead
  • Jump units are linked to their awakened cards
  • Character titles are now displayed on the character list
  • GUI rework
  • Attempted to make Jump units more distinguishable from normal 5★ units
  • Clicking on Class icons or series names will filter by whichever you selected

Known Issues

  • Sorts and Filters are all individual and currently do not stack
  • Character pages cannot be linked to
  • Window resizing issues
  • Image resizing issues
  • Emptying the search bar does not reset the table to default

Planned Future Features

  • Make individual character pages linkable
  • Option to switch between lvl 1 and 10 skills
  • Add lvl 10 skills and skill names for every character
  • Save sort preferences between visits
  • Characteristic filter
  • Leader skill filter
  • Multiple filters / filter & sort work at the same time
  • Change sort by clicking table headings
  • Suggest more in the comments and I will add them

This beta will only work on Desktop not mobile. No plans to bring these changes to mobile any time soon.

Database Version 2.0 Beta Link