If you have found this page then you are most likely arriving from my LinkedIn page or from a Job Application.

The site you are on now is one half of my personal project that I have been working on since finishing University.

Important Links

New Beta Build for my Database Site

The first half of my personal project

This first half was developed on WordPress in an attempt to familiarize myself with the platform. I have used this platform as a “help/guides” site for a Japanese mobile phone game called “Weekly Shonen Jump: Ore Collection”.

Ore Collection is entirely in Japanese with no options for other languages, so the aim with this site was to make the game playable for people who do not understand Japanese.

The site is used by people in English speaking territories to help them understand what is happening in the game, what characters do, how to perform certain tasks etc.

That at least was how the site was envisioned, however, I could not anticipate the level of support this site would receive. Since it’s launch in August we have had over 100,000 visits to this site, growing as each month passes.

To my surprise visitors from countries all over the world have been making good use of my site;

A list of the top viewing territories

Feel free to look around this site and see what I have made. If you have any questions or inquiries then feel free to email me: RJMaxey@hotmail.com

The second half of my personal project

The other part of my personal project can be found here

The site you are currently on links to this site on the page “The Database”. The two sites are intended to be used in tandem with one another.

The purpose of the second half is to list the characters in the game and show what their abilities/skill and stats are. Not only is every character in the game listed on this site but if you click their name or picture it will take you to a detailed page listing all the information about that character.

I built this site from the ground up myself, that included; learning new ways to utilize HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript, creating a robust database of every character in the game with all their details and learning how to manage a domain.